Leaf cutter bees more efficiently pollinate Alfalfa than do honey bees. And, as a 200 acre seed Alfalfa field joins my back flower bed. And, as Leaf Cutters use little disks cut from my flower petals and tender leaves to line their nests, each summer here they come.

In fact, on hot afternoons, the little ladies abound — right at the time of day when I DON’T abound willingly. Maybe they also abound earlier in the day before the 90 plus degrees drive me indoors. Just glad I got this shot this afternoon. Will watch for them and try for earlier shoots.

I’d like to add to this post bit-by-bit, but right now I’m in melt-down. There will bee more photos, bee taxonomy (if that’s the correct term), etc. So watch out…

Leaf Cutter Bee Cutting
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