My day job used to be as a Registered Nurse… bedside nursing in ICU, Medical Floor, and Behavioral Recovery at Walla Walla General Hospital. Then I did Phone Triage Nursing, which I especially enjoyed because of the fast action and mix of health and social problems. We never knew if the next call would be a child’s rash, suicide threat, mosquito bite, drug overdose, or maybe “pos-preg test and don’t know which guy it was”. Everything.  Most hospital nurses wouldn’t go near those phones.  I loved it.

While doing telephone triage, I started writing a newspaper column called “Ask A Nurse’. Soon after that, I started a gardening column, “A View of the Garden”, and kept at them until my late husband’s health deteriorated. I’ve kept the columns and plan to share them here some time.

My mom, Gretta A. Petersen Gossett Hoyt, was a gardener, student of nature and history, and a prolific writer.  Dad, Norman J Gossett, was an outdoorsman to the core. Much more about them here later.

I grew up an only-child tomboy. We lived in a cabin on a small farm along a small creek (except during spring run-off).  Rock Creek is a tributary of the Naches River, on the east slope of the Cascade Mountain Range. While still quite young, I was allowed to ride almost any range horse I could catch. I ran/walked the old Forest Service trail (to avoid the logging road and its trucks) one and an eighth miles to Highway 410 and the school bus.  I am eager to tell you my Rock Creek Stories.

Lest I bore you, just know that from receiving my first little film camera, my life ambition was to become a wildlife photographer. To support that hobby, I took Nursing training.  While in training, I met the late Roger “Dean” Gregg, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, who became the love of my life. I’m the blessed mother of three wonderful children, five wonderful grands and one wonderful great.

Most of my wildlife photography has become quite tame of late, but my Dropbox holds thousands of beautiful shots. My best will be offered in my soon-to-become-a-reality Etsy store.  Enjoy and feel free to copy, download and share any of my photos.  As of now, the plan is that none will be copyrighted.  Pay only for my prints on Etsy.

Here is this morning’s wild thing, rose bud ‘Sunsprite’ in the sprinkler. I shoot multiple images almost every day, and I plan to go out later this evening for bank swallows feeding.  So who knows what comes next?

See me at https://www.facebook.com/Gretta-Gregg-Photography,  Pinterest, and more later.

Golden hour light, ‘Sunsprite’ rose bud and sprinkler drops

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