Katmai brown bears f NPS website

Alaska Brown Bears at Brooks River Falls                                                                                                                        photo from National Park Service website



Here’s a link about Alaska brown bears. It includes the article below plus the option to go directly to the live streaming camera. You will see salmon leaping up the beautiful Brooks River falls and the immense bears wandering around, hoping to catch them.


“Wildlife lovers around the world can once again tune in to a live stream of Katmai National Park and Preserve’s salmon-grabbing brown bears.

“Katmai National Park is home to one the world’s highest concentration of brown bears, according to the National Park Service.

“The park’s bear cam is a popular feature that, during the height of the summer season, is viewed by tens of thousands of people on a given day, the park said in a release.

“The live stream camera is aimed at the Brooks River, where many iconic photographs have been taken of salmon jumping straight into the mouths of waiting bears.

“This year, many sub-adult bears – usually 2.5 and 5 years old – are expected to be seen this summer. These bears “tend to move about erratically and may be of great interest to many viewers,” the release says.

“This is going to be a great summer for people to watch the cameras,” Anela Ramos, district interpreter with the National Park Service, said in a release. “Especially with so many young bears running around this season, the cams provide a remarkable opportunity to increase our understanding of the behavior of brown bears.”

“Katmai National Park, established in 1918, is celebrating its centennial year. The park’s headquarters in the community of King Salmon is about a 290-mile flight from Anchorage, according to the park.”

Article by Laurel Andrews, writing for Anchorage Daily News

(If the link doesn’t open for you, copy it to your browser.)


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