Isn’t it fun, these dewy mornings, to go out early into the garden and see where the bugs spent the night ?   Here are a few of this morning’s camera captures.

The recent winds have been hard on the roses.  (After all, it’s November!)  But this Chicago Peace is still beautiful, don’t you think?  No bugs in sight, but couldn’t resist it. Here’s a honey bee hunkered down on a bright daisy mum.411 honey bee dew 11 7 15 copyIn the image below, the tiny suspended spheres are dew on a web-draped juniper twig.  I think baby spiders strung the webs.  Jillions of the little critters have been festooning all outdoors for weeks.  Maybe you can also see the webs.  With my new cataract lenses I can see everything wonderfully beyond my outstretched finger tips.  However, close-up is iffy even with the reading section of my old trifocals.  Hopefully the new glasses will fix that, too.  (I cropped out the large blurred blobs throughout the image which occur when I don’t check the camera lens after letting it touch wet flowers!)   411 garden dew 11 7 15 101

And here’s the flat head of Achillea (Yarrow) splattered with dewy baubles. 411 dewy 11 7 15 016Oh, and look!  A Pink Edged Sulfur butterfly, soon to awaken on a beautiful mum.

pink edged sulfur butterfly on mumThanks for joining me on this dewy bug safari.  Come again.

:}  Smiles

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