These wet fall mornings continue (and are expected to continue continuing) to lure me into the garden for dewy and rainy close up photos.  Here are a few recents of Sulfur butterflies on Cone Flower (Echinacea).

Dew drops on Sulphur Butterfly & Cone flower (Echinacea)

Dew drops, or rather, fog drops

Cool Butterfly at Sunrise

Cool Butterfly at Sunrise

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Sending this to my eye surgeon. He’s great on eye drops after cataract surgery.

My first cataract surgery of last Friday is doing well, by the way.  Interesting, how different the colors seem through the new implant –more clear and white.  And through the old lens (to be removed this Friday) — more amber or pale peach, like smoke haze.

Do get outdoors on wet mornings and look closely at your surroundings.  Our Creator is full of surprises.

:}  Smiles

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