Bigley Rainier pushed sunsetCooper Point Sunset – Aug 24, 2015 Tom Bigley

Squint your eyes, and read the signature on this grand photo.  Tom and Joan Bigley regularly and now and then send photos of the ever-changing view from their front deck.

Via this image, taken almost one month ago, we’re looking across the southern arm of Puget Sound, near Olympia, Washington.  I’m tempted to go on and on, showing a gallery of their fabulous “sends” for those of you new to this blog.  However, unless you tell me otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for future posts.

Tom has generously given permission for free use of his photos — the only stipulation:  that you and I give credit to the photographer.  Please remember!

Regarding headers at the top of the page:  you’ll note their frequent changes, according to the subject at hand or my mood of the moment.  Here’s today’s, cropped from Tom’s photo and edited to show off the cloud “wave” (maybe a bit too much?) from my side of the mountain (and of WA state).   If it were my photo, I’d name it “Pink Tsunami”.

Cooper Point Sunset Aug 24, 2015 Tom Bigley

;}  Smiles


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