Sweat Bee (Halictid) Green Metallic Bee (Agapostemon splendens)   Maybe that should be “Splendid Metallic Green Bee”?   Anyway the name is a mouthful for such a pretty little bug.  

Here is one sucking nectar from a perennial aster.  Sorry the image is blurry… but it shows the metallic sheen of the head and thorax.  Note that even the eyes are greenish.

?????????????????Image below shows the bee’s striped abdomen and a spider peeking at him/her over a Dahlia petal.

October 19 2013 428 - Copy (2)As the nights grew colder this fall, the bees sheltered between the Dahlia petals.  In the morning I’d find them backed into their little nooks… like this one.

????????????????????????????????????And sometimes they crowded in.

?????????????????What a beautiful bee hotel our Creator provides!

:}  Smiles

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