Family and I went to the Walla Walla Fairgrounds indoor arena this afternoon for guess what…   A bunch of horse riding groups and solos performing while the Walla Walla Symphony Orchestra performed.

The slowest was a large draft horse trotting sedately around on a line while young girls did stunts on its back.   Drill teams did some amazing maneuvers, and I kept wanting to yell at them to “be careful!”, but there were no collisions.  But my favorite… of course an Arabian…  an amazingly athletic and showy stallion, so well trained.

The horse and rider wore, of course, Western garb rather than the tight breeches and pancake saddle usual for dressage, and moved much faster.   They did the typical dressage maneuvers, plus a bunch completely atypical,  all lickety-cut.   And the guy appeared to just sit there, not directing the action at all, which is also typical of dressage.

My apology again for getting “buck fever” and leaving the camera on Aperture setting rather than Shutter.   Here are a few blurry shots of the action.

32 of 365

The photos make this magnificent stallion appear to be on the ornery side and just acting out.  Not so.   His high stepping was under perfect control and in tune with his rider.

Again, sorry about the blurry pics.  I wish all of you could have been there with us in the very crowded bleachers.  A great afternoon at the symphony!

:}  Smiles

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