I think it’s an inch-long moth of some kind.  A miller, maybe.  Perhaps dangerous some way in my garden.

21 of 365 Photo by Smiles May 20 2012.

But look at the symmetrical markings.  Obviously, Someone planned that pattern… a pattern useful for camouflage and beautiful in a fuzzy, brown sort of way.

Some folks deny there’s a divine Creator, or a Savior Who is eager to forgive if we ask, or a Holy Spirit Who will guide us along the better way if we allow it.

Some folks, you know, don’t want to be beholden to God, so they deny that He exists.  Others, like me sometimes, feel too insignificant for the Heavenly Father to notice.

Think of the One who cared enough to design a camouflage outfit for that little bug.  I think He sees and cares for each of us, don’t you?

:}  Smiles

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