At any given moment, thousands of viewers, including whole classrooms, focus on multiple nest-cams aimed at Eagles and other birds in Canada and the U.S.  This post shows the Bald Eagle family at Decorah, Iowa.   The webcam at the nest, plus expert commentary, provide 24/7 peeks into the home life of these majestic symbols of freedom.

Decorah Eagle male screenshot 2-18-2012

For me the most exciting views show their care of their young.   Only our God of love and mercy could have built into these fierce predators the knowledge of nest-building, egg-sitting, protection and feeding.

A few recent screenshots:

Decorah eagle w eggs 3-25-2012 screenshot

Two Decorah Eaglets newly hatched 3-28-2012 screenshot

Decorah Eagles -- Proud papa and 2 fuzzy bobbleheads 3-30-2102

Decorah 2 Eaglets Feeding time 3-30-2012 screenshot

Three Decorah eaglets 3-31-2012 screenshot

And if our heavenly Father can provide for three downy chicks who are better at beating up on each other than on feeding, maybe He’s right here, looking out for us.  Don’t you think?

:} Smiles

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