First sunlight touching the top of the peak — just a soft, ethereal touch.   Colorful sunrises and sunsets reflected onto The Mountain are photographers’ treasures indeed.

First sunlight touching the top of the peak -- webcam view from Paradise Lodge

However, this morning’s sunrise, viewed from the webcam at Paradise Lodge, was pure white, and dreamy.  Lovely.  Astonishing as the first sunshine wisps appeared, and gradually the magnificent Mountain, still softened by blowing mist.

The webcam refreshes the view every five minutes, so I kept coming back to the computer screen, this morning,  to watch the Mountain emerge from her clouds and shadows.  I’m sure that such beauty is good for us.

Interesting to watch the ambient color changes as blue sky was reflected or obscured by clouds.

God’s artwork is always in video rather than stills.  Always changing while we try to capture the memories.

This sequence started at 6:45 AM PST and progressed at approximately 5-minute intervals.  I’m always amazed at how rapidly the Mountain emerges — IF it emerges.  Even today, clouds and snowfall frequently obscured the views from the cams.   Cam(s)?  Yes, 4 cams aim in 4 directions from the Lodge.   The current header for the blog shows other buildings at Paradise.   Note the steeply slanted roofs to shed the snow.

Here’s the link again:   Browse around the website.   Note the “refresh” button at the left end of the green band above the picture on the website.

Oh, and check into the site well before the 6:45 AM  when this sequence began — more like 6:30 currently.  Also, remember that sunrises will occur earlier and sunsets later as we approach summer.

I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

:}  Smiles

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