The bane of many photographers is a too-large collection of guess what — photos.  There they rest in albums, boxes, drawers and computers,  waiting to be used for something someday — and shared somehow.  Yeah!  I have the perfect venue, this blog.  And I’ll try very hard to publish one each day.

Early this past December the Walla Walla Valley and vicinity had at least a week of fog and freezing temperatures, resulting with dreamy hoar frost.  My camera and I wandered around for HOURS.  And it’s sooo difficult to cull any of the photos, even though old fence posts (and the photo) may lean a bit too far.  Sooo difficult to decide which to use each day.  Here goes…

Hoar Frost & boundary fence at Fort Walla Walla Nature Area. Photo by Smiles 12-12-2011

:}  Smiles

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