Winter returns intermittently in Decorah, Iowa.  Look closely at these screen shots from the web cam.  Dad Eagle was keeping watch, and you may see white streaks across the background…  blowing snow.

Dad Eagle facing the blowing snow 2-13-2012

D Eagle squinting in snow storm 2-13-2012-2

When it snows out on the limbs, ofcourse it piles up on the nest also.Mom  dozing, keeping eggs warm, & shaking snow off now and then. See how it piles around her on the nest.

Mom Eagle asleep in snowbank on the nest. Their beaks must not be very sensitive to cold.

Two eggs so far. Mom takes night shift on the nest & turns them, snowstorm or not.

The webcam is live, and volunteers pan it to interesting views.  Various videos of the eagles and last year’s eaglets are also available.  Here’s the link:    Have fun!

:} Smiles

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