DECORAH EAGLES FEBRUARY 6 2012 + 2/7/12 + 2/9/12

Decorah Bald Eagle webcam 2-7-2012

Mom and Dad Eagle setting up housekeeping again.

Decorah Eagle webcam

These screenshots are from this year.

Decorah Iowa Eagle cam

When you go to their website, you may find last year’s videos & stills mixed with this year’s.

Decorah Eagle nesting webcam 2 6 2012

The website often shows videos of last year’s eggs, chicks and adventures.  But no, this year’s eggs and chicks haven’t arrived yet.  Give ’em a few weeks.

Meanwhile, they’re better than soap operas, aren’t they?

P.S.  2/9/12  Dare devil squirrel checking out the eagle nest!

Decorah Eagles nestcam squirrel

2/9/12 P.M.  Mouse nibbling leftovers in the nest.

Mouse in eagle nest webcam

Later in the evening it, or a buddy, scampered around, diving under the soft nest materials and scrambling over the sticks.  Don’t ask me how it/they climbed up that cottonwood tree.

Last year’s videos also show eagle encounters with raccoons, hawks and owls at the nest.  Stay tuned.

Smiles  :}

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