Mount Rainier and Crystal Mountain slopes (photo from Crystal website)

Check out the Crystal webcam. This is one of the best views of all until they park a gondola in the way:

Yep, gondola in the way that time, but keep checking back.

Here’s another Crystal link.  Check around on that page… great views of other ski resorts, etc.

Mt Rainer from Crystal-mountain-gondola cam 12 7 2011

Meanwhile, keep checking the Rainier website HERE  And this one at Longmire Meadows that Tom just sent, HERE.   The weather is changing in the Cascades (note fog on the passes, etc., and this morning’s pink puffs floating around the Mountain in the photo below). That may produce some spectacular sunrises and sunsets on the Mountain (or not, if it’s completely obscured).   Meanwhile, enjoy the intense blue sky at that altitude.  Start checking around 7:00 and keep checking and press the “refresh” button every 5 minutes or so.  Note that the “Refresh” button is in the dark green toolbar under the letter “M” of “Mountain” on the Rainier website.   (St Helens cam refreshes every 5 minutes automatically, and you can easily toggle between St Helens and Rainier by clicking on the R upper corner.) If you keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it.  Remember: sunrise will occur earlier and sunset later, until the first day of winter, then gradually reverse their progress.

Weather changing on the Mountain (photo from Rainier website)

BTW: Header photo is Mt Baker from the ferry December 2010 by my son, Steve Gregg.

:}  Smiles

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