If you haven’t noticed yet, I do enjoy flowers.   Considering the time of year, and my climate zone (USDA 6-7), the frosts have long since sent our flower beds to sleep.  The dry heat in my house has finished off the last indoor bouquet.  However, some of the Chrysanthemums I picked several weeks ago are still fresh.  Here’s proof:

Spider Chrysanthemum Photo by Smiles November 24, 2011

This vase-full resides in an outdoor nook,  sheltered from hard frost and wind, where I see them often.  A single florist rose in a nearby vase is doing just as well.

Of course, when the really hard freezes arrive…

Meanwhile, this little (blooms 1/2 inch across) bellflower thrives in the same nook with other hardy potted plants — opening new buds way beyond similar unprotected clumps.

Campanula rotundifolia 'Fairy Thimbles' Photo by Smiles

Of course, Poinsettias and other more tender plants and cut flowers may not do as well, even in your shaded nook.  It’s fun to experiment, though, isn’t it?

:} Smiles

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