St Helens Nov 28 2011 volcanocamhd

The St Helens cam changes every five minutes.  Check it often for different sunlight angles.

I hope you’re checking the Paradise Inn webcams on Mt Rainier periodically…  Here are some of this early morning’s treats.  Just think… only one more month til winter.  (Friend of this blog, Tom Bigley, sent these early morning webcam views and the links.)

This morning's road to Paradise Inn

This morning's view of the road to Paradise Inn

This morning's view of the parking lot at Paradise Inn

This morning's view of The Mountain from Paradise Inn

For fresh views from the Paradise Inn cam, click HERE .

And HERE for Mt St Helens.  ADENDUM November 28:  ST Helens is back online and looking awesome.  Check it out.

Daughter, Mary, is trying to teach me how to insert hyperlinks, and these are my first tries.  If they don’t work for you, try the links below  AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

The wonderful fall colors of New England may be a bit past their peak, but does anyone know of a webcam?  Or any other webcam we could share?  Incidentally, every day folks come checking for views of the Eagle nest-cams.  You are welcome to do that, of course.  Meanwhile, we’re all eagerly waiting for the “new and better” cameras to be turned on.

:}  Smiles

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