As mentioned in a previous Montana post, my three kids attended Mt Ellis Academy.  MEA is a Seventh-day Adventist boarding  high school located in the countryside near Bozeman.  On this trip to Montana, I traveled with my late husband’s niece, an alumnae of MEA from the 1960’s.

SDA schools exist nearly worldwide — preschools through universities provide high quality Christian education without government aid.

MEA Dining Hall

Unfortunately, I neither shot all the MEA campus buildings, nor recorded all of their names/functions.  If someone would please send info, I’ll add labels to these photos.

MEA Gymnasium

Old Shop?

Mount Ellis -- peak on left


Every year there’s a foot race to the top of this steep mountain.  To be among the first guys or gals to the summit gives bragging rights for decades — indeed, as I learned on my July trip to the academy class reunions — for a half century!

The school has its own ski hill and ski lodge.  There’s PLENTY of snow in winter and well into spring.

MEA Ski Lodge & bus

This bus (someone please tell me it’s name) has replaced “the Pickle”, the old green one in use while my kids were there in the early 1980’s.   Students at MEA can work at various campus jobs to help with tuition.  While my daughter, Mary, worked in the auto shop, she sewed new seat covers for the Pickle.

Sorry about this blurry interior photo, included here for the sake of  former MEA students — memory stuff. .

Snow-grooming equipment at the hill.

Some of the scenery near MEA’s ski hill.  THINK what it must be like in the winter!

The Frog (Can you see it?) -- scenery from MEA campus

Of course you’ve been waiting for more photos of Montana’s Big Sky.   The header photo at the top of recent posts was shot from the edge of a hay field at MEA.  Here are more — some of the most dramatic sunset clouds I’ve ever seen.  And yes, we received thunder, lightning, wind, rain and hail as they passed.

July 4 Sunset

:}  Smiles

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