Wish I could take credit for the following photos, but they’re not mine.   They came as a forward from my friend, Darlene.   Thanks Darlene!

Apologies re my timing of this post.   Sabbath, according to the Bible, begins at Friday sundown and finishes at Saturday sundown.   This Sabbath’s afternoon sun is nearly ready to set in my time zone, so I’m tardy by almost 24 hours.  Sorry!   In spite of my delay, these photos still remind me of our Creator’s handiwork, as I hope they will you.

Wisteria grows as vines, of course, and you’ll notice that these grand, old, old “trees” are heavily supported with scaffolding.  I believe most, if not all, of these photos were shot at the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan, a tribute to the patience and skill of their gardeners, working with the creative artistry of our Maker.

:}  Smiles

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