Kathy & her dog, 'Little Bear'

Kathy's motor home

It all started when Kathy, my late husband’s niece, startled me with a call saying she was taking her motor home to Montana “for about two weeks”, and would I like to come along?  In fact, she was already on her way from western Oregon!

WOULD I like to go to Montana! in Kathy’s motor home?  You bet!

My parents, Dean (late husband) and most of their siblings were all born in Montana.  Six of Mom’s remaining siblings still reside in that state.   Montana cousins and shirt-tail family abound. My three children attended the Seventh-day Adventist boarding Academy at Bozeman around 30 years ago.  All had told me many stories about Montana, but I hadn’t seen much of it for myself.

"The Frog", landmark near Mt. Ellis Academy

YES, I wanted to go  with Kathy!  I cleared my calendar for three weeks, (remembering Kathy’s “about 2 weeks”), found friends willing to put up with Cricket’s not quite perfect manners, and packed for anything from floating the Gallatin to fighting blizzards.  (One never knows about Montana weather —

Montana Thunder Storm

or about Cricket!) 

Much of our itinerary (mountains, valleys, wide prairies, etc.) took us out of range for cell phones and laptop.  Kathy ably drove the rig, while I hunkered down to enjoy the scenery, often with “Little Bear” or a book on my lap.

Heading back toward the Rockies, west of which is home.

We drove eastward over the Rockies via scenic Lolo Pass, buzzed around through Montana, and returned westward via I-90, Spokane, and the Palouse Hills.

We saw a small heard of pronghorns out on the prairie, and this moose in the Rockies.

Young bull moose

Once home, I extended my vacation for several weeks — sleeping, reading, gardening, sleeping, shutter-bugging, avoiding computer conundrums, sleeping, and generally neglecting blogs.  Sorry about that.  🙂

Swallowtail on Garden Phlox at home.

Stay tuned.  I’m  sorting and culling photos, planning more posts on our Big Sky rambles.

:}  Smiles

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  1. Linda says:

    GORGEOUS photos! I’m glad you the chance to go came up, and that you had a great time. Katherine looks beautiful and doesn’t ever age! I need to do one of those trips – it’s been too long without seeing loved ones.

  2. Jim says:

    Looking forward to more of your adventures and photos!

    • Smiles says:

      This comment by my son, Jim, refers to my recent trip to the Big Sky Country. There’s lots more to show and tell. Guess I’d better get on it. :}

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