By guest writer Tom  B. on July 16, 2011–

RE FLEDGED EAGLES:  “Activity in all three of the sites I watch: White Rock, Hornby and even Decorah. The White Rock “stay-behind” was doing serious calisthenics this morning, obviously trying to lift the rest of the tree by pulling upward on a branch. The Hornby twins are doing less strenuous calisthenics, but one seems to very interested in the box. Lots of coming and going – both adults and kids – at Decorah. I haven’t seen any “Family Reunions” in the nest itself today, but maybe yesterday’s was enough togetherness for a few days.” 

“Quite a show at the feeders this AM: a flock of Goldfinches in their summer best, a gigantic Flicker, Nuthatches and Chickadees by the pound, and even a Western Tanager pair. Between the Tanagers and the Goldfinches, it was like the sun was rising from the south!”


(Later note by Smiles:  The above photo shows how the White Rock nest looks this afternoon — August 7, 2011.  You might want to visit the website yourself and watch for the big babies.  Remember, they won’t get their white heads and tails for several years, but they’re BIG youngsters.)

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