Well, maybe it didn’t fall.  Maybe it was pushed by its lively siblings.  Whatever initiated the drama, it would have been a hair-raising event to watch.  The nest camera seems to be down, so we can only guess.

(Here’s the website — free viewing:  The Peregrine Fund <>)

Although too young to use its wings for more than a parachute, the youngster made it safely from its nest, 14 stories above, to the ground.   A good Samaritan found it early this morning and more good Samaritans became involved.  TV Station KTVB, Treasure Valley Raptor Rescue and Fish and Game were notified, and the apparently uninjured chick was carried to the roof above the nest.

The youngster’s parents are expected to take over feeding it there on the roof.  (What a sudden change in life circumstances for the entire falcon family!)  Meanwhile, another good Samaritan will take a pan of water and a little food to the baby and, I hope, SHADE.  The falcon website shows 94 degrees (feeling like 98) as I type this at 4:19 Pacific Time!

🙂  Smiles

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