Decorah Bald Eagles Fledged

I hope you enjoyed the fun and excitement with this eagle family as much as I.   In this screenshot, one young eagle is perched  to the left, and another is flapping its way up through the branches on the lower right.  They’ve been in and out of the nest since June 16, and at least one has been seen flying back to the nest from the ground or another tree.  The parents still bring food to the nest.

Screenshot: Decorah,iowa young Bald Eagles Fledged

Be sure to check in and read the “What’s New” comments soon.   As the juveniles visit the nest less often and learn to forage for themselves, the folks there won’t keep the website turned on much longer.  Donations have been sufficient to provide new, improved cameras (which will be set at a safer distance) for next year.  I’m not sure, didn’t they turn the cams on in December or January as the adult eagles began visiting the nest and preparing it for this year’s family?   Millions of viewers from all over the world have followed them and shared the adventure.  I hope you come back next year.

When you visit this site, note the videos and live coverage of other bird nests available there — for example, a marvelous video of the fierce Mom rescuing a downy eaglet from the outer edge of the nest.   I may follow some of the other nest cams this year or next.  The Hancock Foundation Bald Eagle site in British Columbia shows another family not far behind “our” Decorah eagle juvies.  Check them out.

:}  Smiles

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