I’m back from church.  (Yes, I attend church on Saturday, the same day of the week that Jesus did).  So here are eaglet updates sent this morning by guest-writer Tom B.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 8:13 A.M. PSTTom:  “Be sure to check the eagles… The Iowa bunch looks eager to go — It’ll be interesting to see if they return occasionally, in hopes of finding food.”

“The White Rock pair looks like they’ve having a miserable day, in the rain and fog.  They look like they’ve been dipped in the bay and just managed to get to the nest

Screenshot: Rain-wet Juvenile Bald Eagles at Hanover Wildlife's Delta Nest 6/18/2011

— but take your sea sick pills before watching!” 

Screenshot: Hancock White Rock Bald Eagle Juveniles

(Smiles’s translation: Tom’s latter comment means that the White Rock, British Columbia tree-top eyrie is swaying in the wind above Boundary Bay.)  (At the link, click on the triangles on the eagle head images for live action.)  :}

Saturday, June 18, 2011 10:54 A.M, PST- Tom:  “I haven’t seen #3 Iowa eaglet yet today, and I’ve had the camera onscreen for most of the morning.  Two of the rascals, along with an occasional adult, have spent the morning way out on the limb (been there myself a few times), occasionally “flying” back to the nest and then back out to the perch.  I wonder if #3 has departed for more interesting places.”

Tom: “Take a look at White Rock.  These two look like someone just dipped them in the dishwater – wet, bedraggled, uncomfortable.  It might be a great life, but not right now.  Besides that, the tree top has been doing some serious swaying.  If you pop that image up to full screen, you’ll need your Dramamine.”  

Smiles:  Back at the Decorah nest, two juveniles were out on the limb when I checked in.  There was a flash of white and brown across the camera lens (adult eagle), and the enthusiastic juveniles came flapping and flopping toward the nest.  THEN there were two adult eagles out on the limb — out of harms way. 

Screenshot: 2 adult Bald Eagles at Decorah nest. 6-18-2011

4:00 p.m. PST update –Smiles:  White Rock Juvenile Eagles are drying off and becoming more active.  The one on the right just flapped its sibling on the head (apparently to get at the food) and got pecked.  Siblings!

Screenshot:  White Rock, BC Bald Eagle Juveniles

Update 6:02 P.M. PST — Tom:  “I just got a look at all three “eaglets” at the Iowa nest. 

Screenshot: 3 Decorah eaglets still at nest 061811

Either none have fledged or one or two have, but returned in hopes of getting a handout from “Mom and Dad”.  Most of the time is spent out on the branches, however.  Judging from the bugs climbing around on the camera lens, the nest is probably pretty uninviting.  And judging from the head shaking and scratching, isn’t much better out on the branches.  Maybe the bugs are natures way of “encouraging” them to fledge.”

Tom: “Things are much more salubrious at White Rock… the treetop is rocking gently – think drifting off to sleep rather than seasick – and the rain has ended. The twins are snuggled in for their afternoon nap after a nutritious meal of something yucky a parent brought back to the nest. No wonder the bugs take over after a while…

Smiles:  Thanks for staying by while we switched eagle nests,  nations and writers (writers who happen to live on opposite ends of Washington State).  I got a little confused there for awhile myself, but it was fun!

I think often of the jaw-dropping times in which we live — so different from even a century ago.  The Bible says in Daniel 4:12 NKJV “…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”  Bible prophecy often has at least two applications. So, this text probably applies to Bible students running back and forth through the scriptures and thereby becoming more knowledgeable about God.  And the other application — how many of us run to and fro?  We travel in aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound, and even run through every-day life — busy, busy, busy.  And knowledge increasing?  Think of the rapid increase in technology and every other -ology.  Think of the technology in use as millions of viewers watch these eagles.  Think how the news media exchanges knowledge — and even this blog.  We live in a stunning time in history!  Read Daniel 12.  If you don’t own a Bible, do an online search.  But read this timely prophecy.

:}  Smiles

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