Well, the folks in Decorah call them “juvies” now, rather than “eaglets”.   Two of them have ventured out onto a big limb in their Cottonwood Tree eyrie.  The folks at the controls pan the nestcam from the nest to the young eagles on the limb… as this screenshot.

Eagle Juveniles in Decorah, Iowa

They expect the youngsters to take their first flights within the next two weeks.   One of them uses its wings to balance as it walks the limb in this screenshot.

Eaglet flapping wings for balance on limb

Meanwhile, the third sibling preens, flaps and hops on the nest, occasionally peering longingly at the other two, while the eagle-watchers of the world hold our collective breath.   I thought sure I’d get a screenshot of it’s first steps out on the limb, but no.  Not quite yet.

I encourage you to go their website.

The cottonwood leaves rustle, various birds live there, too, and you’ll hear them as well as the eagles’ chups and chirps.  In fact I heard a aeronautical bird flying around for a good long time.  Probably the local media or deep-pocket eagle watchers.  Famous birds!

Update:  See,  I go out for a few minutes to plant bac choy seeds, pull a few weeds and  set sprinklers, and come back in to find this from friend Tom B, who keeps them hopping around on his other computer screen.   “Things are getting interesting.  Three youngsters and one adult are way out on the branch.  I’d guess fledging  is imminent…. of course, we’re running on  human eager anticipation time and they’re on  eagle cautious time.

I print screened the 3 juveniles, but the adult had gone.

Update Friday, June 17:  Much commotion in the Decorah cottonwood tree today — young eagles flying from branch to branch, and to and from the nest.  Their great wings thunder when coming close to the webcam mic.  I believe that fledging is imminent.

During daylight hours, one can hear voices, I assume from eagle-watcher below the tree — even the occasional neigh of a horse.  But within the past few minutes I’ve heard two great whoops from the crowd, the last one, followed by clapping!  What do you suppose is happening?

 12:54 P.M. Pacific time: Three young eagles presently on the branch, and I’m signing off for a bit.  The sounds of their flapping and the excited eagle-watchers below the tree are so distracting that I’m getting nothing else done.   What fun!

Update 7:30 P.M. Pacific Time:   While the sun heads for the horizon here in Washington State, it’s long gone in Iowa.   The webcam doesn’t show detail now in the darkness, but I still see a young eagle’s head silhouetted against the sky.   I wonder if the youngsters will spend the night out there, and if the night light (Infra Red) shines out onto the limb.

. :}  Smiles

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