The Peregrine chicks in their nest 14 stories above Boise, Idaho streets are getting their feathers!  Dark feathers tips begin to show on their little tails and wings.

They are more active too.  A few minutes ago the live falconcam showed the youngsters huddled together for naps.  In this screen shot they awkwardly walk about, and one stretches its wings.

Peregrine Falcon Family Boise June 8, 2011

The parent bird on the ledge appears tiny compared to the youngsters, and far away.  That’s just the camera angle, of course.  One or both of the parents stay close by continually, ready to defend the brood from crows and other predators.

For a clearer view, and to observe the family in action go to their website.  They encourage donations, but we can view the site FREE.  There you will also find much information on Peregrines in general and this family in particular.  Today they explain the preening process as feathers replace the down.

:}  Smiles


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