Followers… Yep, I deserve them and therefore I expect them.  I have a bunch.

And, as anyone can tell you, I’m a pretty tough act to follow.

Follow me if you can!

It all started with Nanny, of course.  Seems that she’s always been there.

Then Patrick got into the act. Nanny really checked him out!

Some of my followers are 2-legged kids -- like Luke -- a KOOL kid!

There are usually other 2-legged kids running around.  Sorry I can’t show more of them here.  No pics.  Well, except Jamie.

Jamie is a SWEET kid, even if she is 2-legged!

But THEIR Nanny-Sophia is something else! She is a grown up farm kid and there's no shoving her around!

I started climbing on things while quite young, as you see. And my followers among the farm animals always show up. Great followers except, like this steer, they can't really follow me.

Of course, Nanny is never far away -- a great follower. But, as I said, she's a worrier.

Then there's Grand-Nanny with the camera. She's a poor follower -- expects me to come to her!. Here I was trying to shove her off the log.

See what I mean, if it isn't Nanny or the steer, it's likely to be this black-faced sheep following and worrying.

Look at my feet.  There’s like a ball on the sole of each one.  And hang on?  Well, you can see for yourself what they can do.  I’ll be the leader — follow me if you can, sheep!

Then there's Nanny-Connie. She wouldn't follow, but boy could I make her march.

When I can't pass Nanny on a log, it makes my hair stand up! But she's good at climbing on things. Has to be if she's going to be my best follower!


You didn't think you were my follower, did you? But ha-ha-ha, you ARE!

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