17 May

The fourth chick hatched about 1:30 p.m. today.

Below in blue is today’s news release on the Peregrine webcam in Boise.  Very interesting.  The photo above is from their link.  The webcam is down right now, but they’re working on it.  Hopefully it will be up by hatching time.  Click on the Boise Peregrine link and their Facebook page in the “blogroll” beside this post.  If you sign up with them, they will send email updates re significant events at the nest.  They do encourage donations, but visiting the nest via webcam and the receiving the newsletter are free.  Smiles :}

Peregrine Falcon Webcam

12 May

“Now four weeks old, the eggs will soon be hatching! It is exhausting work but the tiny chicks have biological tools especially for this process. One of these is called an egg tooth, a sharp structure that grows at the tip of the beak. The chicks use this “tooth” to pierce the membrane inside and the shell. This allows oxygen to flow into the egg and fill their lungs. Previously, oxygen and carbon dioxide were exchanged via blood vessels in the membrane, but now the chicks will start depending on their lungs to breathe. This stage of hatching is called “pipping.”

“The chicks also develop a large muscle in the back of the neck, called a pipping muscle, which gives them the strength to chip their way out. Usually, hatching begins about 48 hours after pipping. The chicks will punch a dime-sized hole in the shell and then use their egg tooth to cut the shell in half, which takes about two hours. A few days after hatching, the egg tooth falls off and the pipping muscle disappears.

“The adult birds know pipping is under way when they hear the chicks vocalizing from inside the eggs.”

Fascinating, isn’t it?  By the time the chick has almost outgrown the egg-shell, all necessary details (even a special “tooth” and muscle), are all in place to enable it to escape.

The idea of evolution doesn’t settle with me — that all life forms began and developed by random selection and survival of the fittest.   More rational to believe that an astonishingly brilliant Mind has done this — One Who delights in details like loving kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and egg teeth.  And THAT’S something to smile about!

🙂  Smiles

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