PANIC April 19:  I viewed the Iowa eagle nest webcam this morning and discovered that something terrible had happened to it.  The lens showed only a blur.   I checked back several times during the morning, hoping the tech squad had fixed the problem… but no.  Then, this afternoon, the problem became apparent.  There had been a snowstorm, which must have completely covered the camera lens.  Snow was melting off the lens by then, allowing soggy views of the eagles through the slush.  This evening, after dark, the snow has gone from the camera lens.  However, snow covers the edges of the nest, and the babies appear wet (more panic).  I’m eager to check on them again in the morning.  What those downy babies have to endure before they finally get to fly with the other eagles! 

Panic update April 20 A.M.:  I discovered the blog for the Decorah Iowa Eagles site.  (RECOMMENDED)  Last evening’s post says that the eagle family made it through the storm.  (So the babies must not have been wet after all).  Even shows the bedraggled mother sheltering the nest with her wings during the downpour. 
This morning:  A lot of snow still surrounds the family, but three fluffy little heads peek from under the mother’s feathers.  :}
ANOTHER EAGLE WEBCAM –This one in British Columbia, Canada:   I think it said that there are two eggs in the nest. And I understand that the live cam won’t be turned on until they hatch.   However, it has lots of interesting info and a map showing other eagle nests in British Columbia.  A number of still photos show several years of watching the eagle family.  
:}  Smiles
“He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge…”  Psalm 91:4  N.K.J.
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