She’s only eleven days old and…  

Im Addie! Who says I have a "tude"??

HEY! EVERYBODY! Watch my feet. Maybe you guys can learn something!


Hm-m-m… I wonder if THESE feet can do anything…
  (Ps-s-s-t — Addie’s dander is up!   Take a peek at that black stripe down her  back.  The hair there stands up whenever she gets excited.  She’s already an adrenalin junkie.) 

Forward, MARCH!! LEFT!!





Your OTHER left !!


Connies hopeless. She just doesn't get it! But I did quite well, myself.

Now its YOUR turn. Im coming for YOU!


Never mind my worry-wart mom.  The question is:


OOPS!! She was ready!!

:}  That’s not a smile on Addie’s face.  That’s a pretended tight-lipped scowl!  See, her black stripe is only a little raised.  And  she kept coming back for more. 

:}  Smiles

P.S.  Stay tuned for Addie’s episode #3 coming up soon.  S

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