ETC. (April 17)

It’s definitely Spring, and things keep happening.  Some of the items in this post apply to my previous topics.   I often like to update posts now and then, hoping that you will find the new additions.  But in case you might miss some of them, maybe it’s easier all around to first post misc. updates like this.  Then, later, they can be moved elsewhere.  Or not… 

As of this morning, all seems well at the Iowa Eagle Webcam.   Note that they’re getting pin-feathers already.  Some of us have felt concern for the smallest eaglet.  The largest, more aggressive, sibling seems to get most of the food.  Consequently, it is out-gaining the other two, especially the smallest.  However, this morning I saw the little one right up front and getting plenty of those delicious(?) morsels.   This photo shows the “Wimp” behind the others, but I promise that he was up front when I watched them on the live cam. 

As of last Thursday, the Boise Peregrine Falcon nest has four eggs, and one of the parents seems to have started incubating when I checked the live cam this morning.  They take turns keeping the eggs warm, and protected, AS IS APPROPRIATE. 

Friday, my son, Steve and his family and big dog arrived in the valley.  After church yesterday we went to Mary & Ron’s place for lunch.  Then a bunch of their friends came.  We hung out by the pond and with the horses, and went for walks.   Brynna  (granddaughter) showed me a killdeer nest.  Note the pointy eggs typical of bird species who make nests flat on the ground.  I understand that some birds like Puffins, who nest on rocky sea islands, etc., have even pointy-er eggs… the better to not roll away, my Dear. 

Killdeer eggs camouflage

The killdeer parent who was lurking nearby went into action, fluttering pitifully on the ground as though easy prey, should we be predators.  We played the game because I wanted to get photos.  When we advanced, it ran a few feet.  When we stood still, it fluttered on the ground again, in pretended moribund condition.  Then it suddenly rose in perfect flight, crying loudly to entice us farther from the nest.   

I apologise for the blurry photo above. I’ll try to replace it with a better one sometime.  These birds put on an astonishing act to draw predators away from the nest.  If you haven’t yet, watch one when you get a chance. 

I surely don’t understand everything I know — only that God cares for His creatures (including us).  Yes, He is good.

Yesterday was a big day for Cricket.  Three big dogs to play with, horses, birds, neighbor’s cows, the pond with ducks and frogs, and all those kids, gave her plenty of exercise. 

tired girl

 :}  Smiles

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