Wild? Turkeys

Interesting bird reports keep coming.  From Gail’s cloud of snow geese, to the Boise Falcon webcam, to the Iowa bald eagle webcam, to birdie things happening in your neighborhoods (and mine) — like Mary’s baby chicks and mixed up robin ( ).

Heat lamp causes red glow.
(BTW, two evenings ago Mary reported that the mixed up robin was still hanging out with the mirror on her horse trailer.  She was considering taping over the mirror so he could return to reality.) 

Here’s my story.  A week or two ago I was driving up the far end of Majonnier Road.  Up the hill, through a cut, around a little curve, and WHOOPS!  There in the road stood a puffed up tom turkey.  I was too startled and too concerned about highway traffic to get a windshield shot.  At first I thought the tom must have wandered over from a nearby farm.  But a couple more of the big birds flew across the cut.  I glanced in the direction the tom was strolling.  A flock of wild turkeys were walking toward a spring wheat field!

Of course I found a place to park, grabbed the camera and followed the turkeys.  I’ve heard many tales about how wary these birds are… and many more about how they adapt themselves to decks with bird feeders, barnyards with livestock feed scattered about, and other opportunities for free grub. Hopefully, these weren’t too wild.  I sauntered to not frighten them, but they were already in the wheat field.  I guessed the farmer would rather not have an excited shutterbug chasing turkeys around his field.  So my saunter almost turned into a trot to get to the edge of the field before the birds were out of camera range. 

The flock seems to hang out in that vicinity.  I’ve seen them twice since then.  

The photos below show a flock near Dayton last fall.  Doubtless many more saunter  just out of sight among the hills and in the brush along the creeks and river.

Yep, I do get excited on seeing these majestic birds in person.  In fact I feel blessed just remembering. 

What fun!  🙂


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