Note the “BLOGROLL” in the sidebar.  That’s a list of links, and it’s growing.  If you click one, it takes you to the pertinent website.  And if you have an appropriate link that I should check out, please send it.  Meanwhile, here are the descriptions:

King’s Mums is my favorite place to buy Chrysanthemum plants.  (No I don’t work for them.  They don’t even know I’m writing this.)  If you check their link, you’ll see their products – very popular with gardeners.  Tell them that you found them here, if you wish, but don’t tell avid mum growers that I didn’t disbud last year.  I’ll try to do better this fall. 


Walla Walla Farmgirlis my daughter, Mary’s, blog.  I recommend it for those who love country living — from raising chicks to horse training.   Here she was convincing Buddy that it is safe to yield and allow his neck to be bent.  

Even horses respond to gentleness and a smile.

 Iowa Eagle Nest Webcam:  Continuous live action of downy babies being cared for fierce-appearing but tender Mom and Dad eagle.  A friend sent still shots, captured from the website.  The red arrows indicate the order the babies were being fed at the moment. As I type this, night has fallen in Iowa, and the night vision (infra red) cam shows that the parent at the nest is asleep (except when the eaglets wiggle).  The adults often sleep with their mouths slightly open.  Do you suppose they snore? 

I updated my post on the Peregrine Falcon webcam this morning.  Scroll down to that post.  And be sure to check out the cam site for yourself.   

:}  Smiles

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