Nature Webcams (Peregrine Falcons)

A pair of Peregrine Falcons have returned to a ledge on an office building in Boise, Idaho, and their first egg appeared this morning (Apil 7, 2011).   At least I believe it’s the same pair that used the nest last year.  The folks who work closely with this site doubtless have identified the birds by their leg bands and would know for sure.  

You can watch activities at the nest live and FREE on your computer screen.  Go to The Peregrine Fund <> to watch them and sign up for their very own e-newsletter (also free), and/or check out their FaceBook page at    Wikipedia has a fine general article on this species at

Nature webcams abound, giving views that most of us would never experience otherwise.  Thanks so much to those who fund the projects, place the cams in often precarious locations, and do the technical stuff!

I followed webcams on nesting eagles and mountain peaks last year.  Will check them out again soon and post whenever I find one. 

Let me know your finds, too.  Watching God’s creations is great fun, BUT WAY MORE FUN when shared with friends. 


Post post:  To find great photos of this species, Google “Peregrine Falcon photo”.  Some of those images can be downloaded free, but I don’t recommend it unless you are very confident re the source.  BE CAREFUL WITH ALL DOWNLOADS.  S

UPDATE: Thursday April 14   Four eggs in the nest today.  S  

4 eggs

UPDATE:  Tuesday April 12, 2011

One of the birds was at the nest box when I viewed it this morning.  And 3 eggs are at the shaded end of the box, dimly visible.  An adult falcon which I assume is the female, stood on the ledge, preening her feathers and just watching the city.  The site has lots of info about this species in general and this nesting pair specifically.  This is a great oportunity to watch wildlife close-up.  If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to check it out.   S

UPDATE from webcam:  Monday 11 April 2011

“The third egg arrived early this afternoon. In past years, this nest has produced four eggs, so there may be another on the way by Wednesday.”

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