Here’s Cricket

She is almost a yearling now.  We finished our obedience class a few weeks ago, and she almost has me trained to “come” on command.   She’s telling me about that through the window right now as I type. 


Neighbors walked by my house one day last summer — the little girl carrying this 4-month-old, 5.2 lb,  long-hair Chihuahua cross named “Bella”.  I was smitten.  A day or two later, the lady came back, saying that the puppy was for sale — for WAY more than I was willing to pay.  We dickered slowly for several weeks.  Meanwhile they told me that Bella didn’t answer to her soft-sounding name.
While  I was in the flower garden another day,the little girl came over to chat, bringing the puppy along.  Two butterflies began to work some nearby flowers, and Bella hid between my feet.  She’d peek at them and dodge behind me if they came too near. 
(Fearsome critters, those butterflies!) 
Eventually the puppy came to live at my place.  But what to call her?  Family and friends of course had a bunch of suggestions.  I dug in my heels, wanting a snappy sounding name that would catch her attention.  We finally settled on “Cricket”, which also fits her personality.   Her new, snappier sounding name was registered at City Hall, the vet and the microchip company.  And the pup was registered in all of our hearts.  However,  the name change didn’t completely solve the big problem.   Cricket likes to tease and STILL comes to our call only when she  is so inclined.   When outdoors, she comes to Dani much more readily than to me.  As I said, she does like to tease!

Stealing a quick kiss from Dani
Dani is my granddaughter, a Senior at WWU.  I may have to lock Cricket up when Dani leaves next summer. 
Cricket’s first snow last November — GREAT FUN!    You really should see this little one run!

Cricket’s next door boyfriend, “Kinley” — When he comes outdoors, he barks like mad.  She hears him from inside our house and SHE barks like mad, jumping up and down, demanding to go out to play. After a tree limb blew down and damaged the fence, she frequently ducked through to play with Kinley and his buddies. 

(Not to worry — they’re all neutered.)  Now that the fence is repaired, they just exchange sweet talk. 

Fierce pup that she is, she growls and barks around under a comforter or blanket.   

Outdoors she’s in constant motion… mostly.  With quick photo moments.

I hope this gave you a Smilewherever you are in the middle of things!


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