The Sap is Rising

Hello and welcome to March everybody!   It’s ALMOST SPRINGTIME!  Ahem — those words were typed on March 3, and here it is almost April.

Years ago, I wrote a poem featuring my favorite time of year.  Got as far as the first line, a plaintive “WAIT SPRING!”.  As that’s the theme for the entire poem, and as there’s no way to keep up with this season, why write more lines?

Anyway, the sap is sure enough rising.   Lilac buds are swelling in the neighborhood.  A warm but brisk wind brought down some maple twigs.  And guess what, although it’s not from a sugar maple tree, Cricket finds that the sap tastes sweet.

A few of Maxine Maces daffodils.

Springtime keeps us smiling doesn’t it?  Especially this  wait-a-minute weather.  Daffodils, poking tulip leaves, 


pussywillows, with pollen-loaded stamens puffed out for the honeybees, new little critters appearing in the pastures.


Keep smiling, in the middle of SPRING!

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