Katmai brown bears f NPS website

Alaska Brown Bears at Brooks River Falls                                                                                                                        photo from National Park Service website



Here’s a link about Alaska brown bears. It includes the article below plus the option to go directly to the live streaming camera. You will see salmon leaping up the beautiful Brooks River falls and the immense bears wandering around, hoping to catch them.


“Wildlife lovers around the world can once again tune in to a live stream of Katmai National Park and Preserve’s salmon-grabbing brown bears.

“Katmai National Park is home to one the world’s highest concentration of brown bears, according to the National Park Service.

“The park’s bear cam is a popular feature that, during the height of the summer season, is viewed by tens of thousands of people on a given day, the park said in a release.

“The live stream camera is aimed at the Brooks River, where many iconic photographs have been taken of salmon jumping straight into the mouths of waiting bears.

“This year, many sub-adult bears – usually 2.5 and 5 years old – are expected to be seen this summer. These bears “tend to move about erratically and may be of great interest to many viewers,” the release says.

“This is going to be a great summer for people to watch the cameras,” Anela Ramos, district interpreter with the National Park Service, said in a release. “Especially with so many young bears running around this season, the cams provide a remarkable opportunity to increase our understanding of the behavior of brown bears.”

“Katmai National Park, established in 1918, is celebrating its centennial year. The park’s headquarters in the community of King Salmon is about a 290-mile flight from Anchorage, according to the park.”

Article by Laurel Andrews, writing for Anchorage Daily News

(If the link doesn’t open for you, copy it to your browser.)


:}  Smiles

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Leaf cutter bees more efficiently pollinate Alfalfa than do honey bees. And, as a 200 acre seed Alfalfa field joins my back flower bed. And, as Leaf Cutters use little disks cut from my flower petals and tender leaves to line their nests, each summer here they come.

In fact, on hot afternoons, the little ladies abound — right at the time of day when I DON’T abound willingly. Maybe they also abound earlier in the day before the 90 plus degrees drive me indoors. Just glad I got this shot this afternoon. Will watch for them and try for earlier shoots.

I’d like to add to this post bit-by-bit, but right now I’m in melt-down. There will bee more photos, bee taxonomy (if that’s the correct term), etc. So watch out…

Leaf Cutter Bee Cutting
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My day job used to be as a Registered Nurse… bedside nursing in ICU, Medical Floor, and Behavioral Recovery at Walla Walla General Hospital. Then I did Phone Triage Nursing, which I especially enjoyed because of the fast action and mix of health and social problems. We never knew if the next call would be a child’s rash, suicide threat, mosquito bite, drug overdose, or maybe “pos-preg test and don’t know which guy it was”. Everything.  Most hospital nurses wouldn’t go near those phones.  I loved it.

While doing telephone triage, I started writing a newspaper column called “Ask A Nurse’. Soon after that, I started a gardening column, “A View of the Garden”, and kept at them until my late husband’s health deteriorated. I’ve kept the columns and plan to share them here some time.

My mom, Gretta A. Petersen Gossett Hoyt, was a gardener, student of nature and history, and a prolific writer.  Dad, Norman J Gossett, was an outdoorsman to the core. Much more about them here later.

I grew up an only-child tomboy. We lived in a cabin on a small farm along a small creek (except during spring run-off).  Rock Creek is a tributary of the Naches River, on the east slope of the Cascade Mountain Range. While still quite young, I was allowed to ride almost any range horse I could catch. I ran/walked the old Forest Service trail (to avoid the logging road and its trucks) one and an eighth miles to Highway 410 and the school bus.  I am eager to tell you my Rock Creek Stories.

Lest I bore you, just know that from receiving my first little film camera, my life ambition was to become a wildlife photographer. To support that hobby, I took Nursing training.  While in training, I met the late Roger “Dean” Gregg, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, who became the love of my life. I’m the blessed mother of three wonderful children, five wonderful grands and one wonderful great.

Most of my wildlife photography has become quite tame of late, but my Dropbox holds thousands of beautiful shots. My best will be offered in my soon-to-become-a-reality Etsy store.  Enjoy and feel free to copy, download and share any of my photos.  As of now, the plan is that none will be copyrighted.  Pay only for my prints on Etsy.

Here is this morning’s wild thing, rose bud ‘Sunsprite’ in the sprinkler. I shoot multiple images almost every day, and I plan to go out later this evening for bank swallows feeding.  So who knows what comes next?

See me at https://www.facebook.com/Gretta-Gregg-Photography,  Pinterest, and more later.

Golden hour light, ‘Sunsprite’ rose bud and sprinkler drops

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Grain Harvest in Walla Walla Valley and Surrounding Hills

wheat harvesters 411 7 25 sig


This is wheat harvest shot from my back porch in 2018.

I haven’t posted to my blog for a few months and much of the procedure has changed.  I have to learn how again!


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“The Beauty Around Me” is this week’s theme for my flower photography group. I think the admins are all Seventh-day Adventists, but preaching on the site is minimal. We just do flowers. The group name is FLOWERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.  Google it and sign up if you wish, and oggle a VAST array of beauty. “The Beauty Around Me” astounds me!


:}  Smiles


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Have you noticed? God’s artistry moves!  It never stops moving, completely still.

This huge red Hibiscus opened early this morning.  The flower’s various parts unfurled from its tight, green bud, grew and shifted into place.   It opened slowly, moving in response to the sunlight and soft breeze. Finally it developed from this bowl shape into a wide open platter.

I sometimes have to shout praises to our Creator at such a sight!  Well, I try to keep my shouts quiet for the sake of the neighbors, but His praises SHOUT in my heart.

Hibiscus cupped dew sig P1650085

:}  Smiles

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Morning temps in the teens and low twenties here these days.

mustard tumble weed ice

Mustard tumble weed frozen in sprinkler ice

Until a couple of days ago, the mums were still holding up, so I brought in a large armload, hoping some could be used in the pulpit flower arrangement.  The indoor air gets so dry during this weather that they continue to struggle.  But I think enough will hold up for church in the morning.

Cold and wet mum

Cold and wet mums

This cold snap started with freezing rain, then ice pellets

This cold snap started with freezing rain, then ice pellets

The hungry birds GOBBLE the seed at my feeders.  Sunflower chips, high in calories which birds need during cold snaps, are also favored by many species year around.

feeder birds fighting

Feeder birds, male House Finches in this case,  fighting over a perch.  Next minute, the Gold Finches (here in winter plumage) may start a scrap.

Juncos and many others scratch for seeds on the ground,

Junco eye copy

so I scatter more sunflower seed and chicken scratch under the shrubs…

Two Pine Siskins, a Gold Finch and a female House Sparrow

Two Pine Siskins, a Gold Finch and a female House Sparrow

under the shrubs to give them cover and quick get-away shelter from the Merlin falcon and the neighbors’ cat.

Merlin Falcon waiting and watching.

Merlin Falcon waiting and watching.

Birds need water during freezing weather, too, and get it where they can.  My water dish doesn’t have a heater, so they eat snow and ice.


A male House Finch nibbling ice-storm ice from a twig.

If you can’t get out and walk during icy, nippy weather, then enjoy nature through your windows or photos.  Our heavenly Father created all these things, and provided the Sabbath day as a time for us to remember what He has done.  (Exodus 20:11)  A great reason to worship Him, don’t you think?

:}  Smiles



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